Lifeblood Coffee Company

Coffee for the shameless addicts.

How do we start?


Everything starts with strategy. First, we determine the brand purpose. This is the reason for existing, your overarching “why.” Next, we find the brands voice, the value it brings, it’s culture, and the benefit it has, so we can accurately target these customers. This makes marketing and advertising less expensive, and more impactful.

Standing out in a crowded space.

Customer Touchpoints.

One of the best ways to stand out in a crowded market is improving the journey your customer goes on. For this reason, we want every single point of contact a customer has with a brand to be a memorable experience, instead of just a transaction. With customer touchpoint guides, we’re able to do make brands stand out through every part of the journey, resulting in more die-hard fans, and more sales. 

Now, make it pretty.

Identity and Design.

Having a solid strategy is the foundation to having a great brand. But beautiful design is where it really starts to look like a great brand. Taking our strategy and putting that into practice, leads to packaging design that speaks to it’s target audience, and stands out on a crowded shelf. For online sales, we used custom created mailer boxes that cry out to be shared on social media, and make getting mail fun.

What's the results?

Brand Greatness.

All this resulted in an increase in sales, brand loyalty, more distributors, and a bigger brand overall. 

Ready to be thrilled with your brand?

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