Lifeblood Coffee Co.

A coffee brand for coffee addicts. The weak need not apply.

What's in a name?

The strategy.

We were tasked with creating a brand strategy, brand identity, and packaging design for Lifeblood Coffee Company. We even got to name the damn thing.

Now, we make it pretty.

The Identity.

The strategy is complete. Now for the fun stuff; making it look appealing. Brand Identity design, and packaging design perfectly designed to appeal to the ideal customer.

It's pretty. Now let's sell it.

Customer Touch-point Guides.

What’s a customer touch point guide? It’s a document that gives you every single point of contact you have with customers, and a strategy to make every single one stand out as a memorable experience. This includes box inserts, and a training guide for employees that are selling the product in stores. (Pro tip- Throwing some free T Shirts or stickers to those employees is a really good way to make sure they push your product over your competition, which is exactly what we did with Lifeblood.)

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