Brand Archetypes Guidebook


Dear Boring Brand, When is the last time you stopped to think about your Brand Persona? Maybe it’s been a little too long since you took an objective look at what kind of brand you are. We get why – with all the competing priorities out there and deadlines always looming, sometimes we forget that this goes beyond just making something people want—It’s making your brand seem like a person they can relate to! There are twelve archetypes: Chances are one of those profiles is spot on for how you see yourself and your business….But which one?

That’s where The Brand Archetype Guidebook comes into play. It ties in notable characters from pop culture to bridge the gap between archetypal traits and identifying your brand.

All 12 archetypes, include a light side and a dark side. (I like to call them Darketypes.) This way, you learn where your strengths reside and what weaknesses to watch out for.

Bonus features include:
– Corresponding zodiac signs
– Tarot card reflections from the major arcana

Grab the Brand Archetypes Guidebook today, and get ahead of your competition.

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