Discord Course

We know you probably hear your 13 year old talk about Discord when they’re telling you all those *super interesting* stories about what happened on Minecraft, so you’ve probably wrote Discord off as something for pre-pubescent nerds. (or adult nerds)

Discord has been under appreciated, overshadowed by social media giants like YouTube and Facebook. Discord is a proprietary voice and text chat app that facilitates the discussions of gamers worldwide. With an enormous user count, it’s poised to become more than just “a gaming chat program.” Even if you’re not a gamer, don’t turn your nose up at this just yet. It’s a powerful tool, especially for those building a business.

You can automate your monthly groups, sell your new offer, and even automate payments. No complicated websites required. This course, will teach you all of that and then some.¬†And since Zuck is coming for your online sugar, it wouldn’t hurt to have a backup plan in case the big social media dogs try to take you down for that meme you posted 8 months ago. ( you know which one…)

Grab the Discord Course today.


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